Beaded Purses

Large Coin Purse

White beaded coin purse with pink tribal design. Heavy duty zipper white buckskin lined. 

Medium Coin Purse

Purple seed beads. Tribal design. Zipper with tanned buckskin lining.

Small Coin Purse

Large seed beads, Exquisite design, tribal. Small zipper, tanned buckskin lining. 

Cut Glass Beaded Purse

Medium sized coin purse. Finer cut beads. Sparkle and "dance" when light hits them. Size 13. Tanned buckskin lining. 

Buckskin Purse.

Small coin purse or medicine bag. Buckskin. 

Coin Purses.

Purses come in several colors and styles, purple, blue, red, orange, white, green. Styles, Roses, Tribal designs, wildlife, initials. 

Custom built upon request.